Once Upon a Life Song

And many more believed because of His own word. And said unto the woman, “Not because of thy saying, but we have heard Him ourselves, and know this is indeed the Christ, the Savior of the world.” John 4:41-42 KJV


Words, Grace, and Gumption

The woman at the well knew that.  She just went and told the people in her community what happened in her life and where they could find Jesus for themselves.  She just told her story. All our great commission really is, is story told with faith in His power.  This gathering of words and gumption that sings our life song to others.  Tuned to the strums of grace placed just so upon a broken life.

When it’s played, oh what sound it sings.  Melodically saying that life did this and this to me, but that’s not why I’m singing.  Nope.  It sings mercy, it sings grace, it breathes love, it cries a chorus of Jesus.

Melodic Mingling

So many life songs are gathering this weekend in real life.  And I’m going to let the orchestrator mingle mine with others in concert with One voice that breaks barriers and lets love come crashing down.

I’m not traveling down the street.  Not to the next town, but to another state this weekend. Alone.  Bravely attempting to let my story sing. I feel so blessed to be meeting those whom God has allowed me to share space with in the blogosphere, book launching, on social media, in texted encouragement in the midnight hours, and prayers.

Letting Others Play Your Heart

One life song playing alone can give testimony, but our heart-strings are meant to be played by and for others.

What is your story?  What life song do you sing. Are you brave enough to attend a meetup with women in your area you can do real life with? To let your life song sing, or to hear it for the first time?

Join women everywhere as we learn our stories matter this weekend.  Check out the (In)RL conference this weekend.  It’s free. They just ask that you donate to a good cause. Find it at incourage.me.

Linking up with those finding spiritual whitespace.  Find out more here:

Whitespace Community Linkup @ faithbarista.com


Sing your life song. I’ll be listening for yours and praying mine blesses you.  Telling my story in the key of Jesus. ♡ Melinda

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