From a Chrysalis: Social Butterfly

The end of a thing is better than it’s beginning.  Ecclesiastes 7:8

What do you suppose would happen if a butterfly tried to come out of its pupa before it was ready?

It couldn’t fly because it had not fully developed.

Ok, and what if it was coming out, and someone thought it needed their assistance, and gave it a hand in escaping?

It wouldn’t have strength for endurance.

Both are disastrous to all the butterfly was meant to be.

But, if left alone, and when fully developed, when the butterfly emerges there is the splendor of a creature made new, and capable of more than it went into the Chrysalis being.

The once lonely existence with a small influence on the world is released to fly wherever its wings can carry it.  A social butterfly is born to give glory to God on a greater scale, and with greater influence.

If you have been in a season of change then you know it can be lonely.  And when it comes time to break out you may question God’s timing.  You may even be wary of unfolding your wet, new wings, and taking to flight.

Just remember:

1. You are not the same person you were before the change. Nope, you are wiser, and no longer a furry worm.

2. Trust the work done in your life prepared you for flight.  If you yielded to God’s molding, and trust His timing, then you are more ready than you think.

Unfold those wings, feel the breeze blowing over them, and when the wind of the Spirit of God says it is time…fly high.  You’ve come a long way and everyone loves a social butterfly.

It gets its nickname from flying into its destiny ready to face the world.

And, what an effect it will have Beloved! <3 Melinda

Butterfly Effect courtesy of Zaldy Icaonapo