Questions about Prayer?



We ask ourselves all of these questions when we think about prayer.  Then we ask another…For who?

Prayer is not complicated, but we sure do make it out to be don’t we?

What is the last prayer you prayed?  Did you have a list of rules you followed?  Was there a list that prompted you?  Did you pray for a minute or for an hour?

Prayer is not meant to be made up of our regulations and guidlines. Don’t let rules about prayer keep you from praying anymore.  There are books everywhere about how to pray appropriately.  Which one is right?

Young Woman Praying by Petr Kratochvi

Prayer was meant to be a time of intimacy and communication with a loving God.  He knew we needed Him, would need Him, and do need Him.  He doesn’t need our prayers.  We do.  Others do.

Today make an effort to throw out the preconceived notions about prayer and have a conversation with God.  Talk to Him like you would your best friend.  He is in fact the best one you have got!  If you have questions about prayer ask Him to reveal the answers to you.

Until then…Just talk to your Great Loving Tender Caring God!

And remember….

Beloved, Hope Endures!


What is your most common hold up about prayer?  Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.  I’d love to hear what you have to say about prayer too.