Free Refills?

 Photo courtesy of terremonto

How easy it would be if life came with free refills.  Exhausted?  Partake of the refill of energy, for example.  Just before leaving you would take a sip, and top it off again to be sure you will have the energy to make it back. Well, it does.

Lately, I have been refilling in many areas.  Faith, ministry, rest, and prayer are areas I have been filling up on.

In ministering we can fail miserably when we don’t stop for a refill.  Regardless of who you are ministering to, or what that ministry is.  It could be caring for someone, teaching, providing, insert your ministry here _____.

It is vitally important to remember to refill what resources you have used to minister to others.

Take time today and write a list of all the ways in which you minister.  Then check the level of your cup in that area.  Do you use wisdom?  Have you filled it up, or are you running on empty?  Do you use your physical energy?  Are you resting?  Do you use compassion?  Have you received any?  

Gather that list and start refilling your cups.  God has promised to fill them.  Psalm 23 explains the way in which he calls us to do this.  Take a peak at this Psalm and be encouraged.  Hear God’s call to refill so that you can make your calling and election sure. (2 Peter 2:10).  He called you, He chose you, only He can refill you.

Take your cup to Him even now.  It will overflow, and you will be blessed, to be a blessing.

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